VoltDB partner deltaDNA brings hyper-personalization in on-line gaming

VoltDB partner deltaDNA brings hyper-personalization in on-line gaming

February 29, 2016

Many choices in computing and data processing are positioned as an either/or choice: either adopt Cloud or stick with physical data centers; either manage development via Agile or stay with waterfall processes; either use an RDBMS or a NoSQL database; either go all in to Big Data or try to extract value from data in real time with open source tools like Spark, or look for an enterprise-class solution with the stability, service and support required to manage a business.

Life is seldom so simple. Most companies manage a mix of legacy infrastructure, applications and data with new apps, new development modalities, and new data types. They have both legacy RDBMSs and NoSQL, they use some open source, and some development is done via Agile, while some work may still be done using waterfall decision making. The best approach to determining the path you should take in data management is always to look at the problem you’re trying to solve, then make technology and process choices to suit your goals.

That’s what VoltDB partner deltaDNA, a provider of a real-time game analytics and marketing platform, did when it redefined its high-performance platform designed to increase player loyalty and engagement. The need for game developers and publishers to engage free-to-play gamers, social casino players and participants in real-money online gambling sites meant deltaDNA needed a high-performance platform capable of analyzing immense volumes of fast-moving data generated by each gamer in real-time – across hundreds of millions of gamers playing thousands of games.

deltaDNA turned to VoltDB for its ability to perform analysis on hundreds of millions of data events in real-time in less than a quarter of a millisecond. Games offer personalized offers to players, increasing player retention by as much as 200% and revenues by 20-40%. The real-time data provided by VoltDB allows deltaDNA to segment players by skill and in-game behavior, matching the game’s difficulty to the player’s skill level and competitiveness.

To learn more about deltaDNA and its micro-personalization platform, view the case study here.

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