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  • Author: Ruth Morgenstein

Author: Ruth Morgenstein

VoltDB + Kubernetes + Helm Charts for Fast Data

May 13, 2021
VoltDB is the fastest, most reliable data platform for processing high-volume, business-critical data. Kubernetes is a robust orchestration suite that helps automate the management and operation of your business infrastructure. Helm charts simplify the management of Kubernetes itself.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could combine the best of all three?  Now you can.  Kubernetes [...]

Product Highlights from 2020

January 08, 2021
In 2020, VoltDB became easier to operate, easier to develop on, easier to integrate into your data pipeline, and, thanks to our latest Long-Term Support (LTS) release, V9.3, more resilient in production. Easier to Operate in Public and Private Clouds VoltDB V10 introduces the VoltDB Kubernetes Operator, Helm charts, and a Prometheus agent. It is [...]
VoltDB releases V10

VoltDB Releases V10

August 25, 2020
VoltDB has just released V10 - a momentous milestone in our evolution from a very fast, highly-available ACID database to a complete fast data solution. Built to handle the streaming use cases of today and the future, V10 delivers high-performance with predictable low-latency on a range of streaming and transactional processing workloads. A stable, scalable [...]

Announcing VoltDB v9.3

May 14, 2020
We’re happy to announce the release of VoltDB V9.3. In this release, we improved the uptime and stability of VoltDB, re-engineered the Streaming Export subsystem with a faster version that uses far less resources, upped the size of JAR files you can load into VoltDB (something you might need if you want to include large [...]

VoltDB version 9.2 Released

October 31, 2019
We’re happy to announce the release of VoltDB V9.2. In this release, we introduce features that will speed up your development and deployment cycle and give you even more flexibility in application development. Automate From Within VoltDB: Scheduled Tasks and Directed Procedures (Beta) Many applications and business processes require regularly scheduled jobs to run: to [...]

Announcing VoltDB v9.1

August 15, 2019
I'm happy to announce the release of V9.1. In this release, we’ve simplified the integration of VoltDB into your application stack by adding more functionality to streaming export. In addition, we’ve made VoltDB clusters easier to manage by allowing you to add or remove node “on the fly” without any downtime. Adding VoltDB to your [...]
VoltDB Announced v9.0 with Stream Processing

VoltDB Announces v9.0

April 11, 2019
We are hard at work on VoltDB and are pleased to release V9. This release focuses on new ways to work with the torrents of streaming data that VoltDB can ingest, making VoltDB the best technology for real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data. We also improved usability, resilience, and security, because we know that the [...]

Announcing VoltDB v8.4!

January 03, 2019
Happy New Year! To ring in 2019, we have a new version of VoltDB available to you with some new features and improvements that we think you’re going to like. Here are a few: Command Completion for SQL Typing syntactically correct SQL and DDL just got easier in the preview of our newest command-line tool, [...]

VoltDB v8.1 Released

May 29, 2018
We are pleased to announce VoltDB v8.1. This release includes features that can reduce the total cost of ownership of your VoltDB solution, with improvements to memory management of replicated tables, and performance improvements for many applications. These features include: Reduced Memory for Replicated Tables Replicated (i.e. non-partitioned) tables are now stored only once per [...]

VoltDB Releases V8

February 07, 2018

VoltDB is pleased to announce V8. Our engineering team has spent the last year adding features across the product to bring you the fastest database to handle millions of decisions per second, with single-digit millisecond latencies. VoltDB’s customers use this power to solve real business problems that require prectibable low latency, often at very large […]

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