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Edge Computing with VoltDB

The Hidden Inflection Point Webinar: Q&A – Edge Computing

Recently, experts from VoltDB presented a webinar, “The Hidden Inflection Point in 5G: When the Changing Definition of Real-Time Breaks Your Existing Tech Stack”. In this webinar, Dheeraj Remella, VoltDB’s Chief Product Officer, covered why you need to rethink your definition of real-time to match changing reality, the two critical factors that must combine to [...]
Edge Computing and Why It Matters for Telco

Why Edge Computing Will End Cloud Computing as We Know It

And Why It Matters for Telcos In a very well written Forbes article this week, Olivier Garret - founding Partner and CEO of RiskHedge – states that edge computing is the “golden thread that connects today’s most exciting megatrends”, and that “technologies like self-driving cars, IoT, AR, and the commercialization of 5G will never get [...]

Charging Demo: A Non-trivial Telco Focused Example

Introduction In this post I’d like to highlight voltdb-chargingdemo, which I’ve recently made available on github. Most demos are designed to be as simplistic as possible. I’ve always found that frustrating, as anyone who has ever written a real world application knows that what takes two lines in a demo can take about 50 in [...]
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