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VoltDB Enterprise Edition on AWS – Fast, Easy, and Inexpensive

August 02, 2018
We are excited to announce the availability of the VoltDB Enterprise Edition on AWS, a in-memory operational SQL database. VoltDB powers applications that require real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data for a connected world, without compromising on ACID requirements. In just a few minutes you can launch a VoltDB cluster on AWS and start processing [...]
Connecting VoltDB and Amazon Kinesis

Connecting VoltDB to Amazon AWS Kinesis Streams

July 13, 2017

VoltDB includes interfaces – both import and export – to many other applications and systems in the broader ecosystem of big and fast data, including the cloud. A recent integration, released in VoltDB v6.6, allows system builders to connect VoltDB in either data producer and data consumer roles with Amazon (AWS) Kinesis streaming services. Connections […]

VoltDB and Amazon EBS – Optimal use of IO devices

April 03, 2017

VoltDB is now available ‘by the hour’ on Amazon EC2. To get best results and optimal TCO from your VoltDB cloud instances, users need to understand how VoltDB handles IO, which we’ll discuss below. At the close of this blog, we’ll also review available IO options. Why would an in-memory database like VoltDB need IO? […]

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