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Upcoming Webinars and Live Events



May 4, 11am ET  |  Learn More  |  Register

How to Properly Execute Active-Active Cross Data Center Replication

In this webinar, David Rolfe, VoltDB’s Senior Global Director, discusses why active-active XDCR is difficult, how to make it easier, and how VoltDB does active-active XDCR.



May 6, 10am GMT  |  Learn More

Monetising 5G: How OSS/BSS must change to enable new business models

This is an invitation-only, virtual event for telecoms executives and their partners to discuss the changing requirements of OSS and BSS.


Nothing to see here.

May 11, 11am ET  |  Learn More  |  Register

Non-Negotiable Qualities of Event-Driven Architecture

In this webinar, CPO Dheeraj Remella explores what is required to get from an event to a response and the non-negotiable qualities of an EDA system that can facilitate that journey.


Nothing to see here.

May 20, 9am ET  |  Learn More  |  Register

On the Edge: Exploiting the Value of Telecoms Data

This webinar, presented by VoltDB Chief Product Officer Dheeraj Remella and TM Forum Chief Analyst Mark Newman, explores what operators need to do to get the most value out of their 5G data and how they can become valuable partners in new 5G and edge ecosystems.


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