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Unlock Revenue You’re Not Getting from Your Fast-Moving Data

Fast data is disrupting the financial sector at a rate that eclipses many other industries. Digital-native competitors, such as Apple, are adept at harnessing data to gain a better understanding of the customer’s financial behavior. Traditional institutions risk becoming low-level service providers.

Real-Time Matters

We are at an “Inflection Point” in technology where our customers’ real-time expectations are forcing us to change how we do things. Financial consumers expect individualized, frictionless experiences, geared to their wants and needs, and delivered at the exact moment they need it.
In technological terms, they expect near-zero-latency experiences. At the same time, customers naturally expect their data to be kept safe and accurate.

VoltDB is the Solution

VoltDB enables real-time, revenue-generating personalization based on event triggers. By deploying actionable nudges and personalized offers at moments when customers are highly motivated to act, our FinServ customers benefit from multiples of increases in offer acceptance rates.
Preventing malicious activity, while still maintaining a frictionless purchase experience is also important for both the bottom line and customer retention. VoltDB is helping major banks and financial organizations detect and prevent fraud and other malicious activity before it happens.

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VoltDB FinServ customers around the globe have successfully upgraded their critical applications to deliver enhanced, revenue-generating, user experiences without losing the consistency of data that is a necessary foundation to establish or maintain time-established trust. Read more about our real-time FinServ capabilities.

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