Real-Time is the Key to Unlock 5G Opportunity!


Most legacy platforms were not designed for real-time, and any personalized, end-user interactions occur too late to be effective because they are not on the edge.

The 5G Inflection Point

We are at an “Inflection Point” in technology when latency expectations shrink to the point where the speed of light removes all the easy options forcing us to change how we do things. 5G and edge both require latency that cannot be met with current techniques. Most times without outwardly realizing it, end users expect no-latency experiences. Business depends on blink-of-the-eye analytics to present relevant experiences. Old, 4G technology just doesn’t cut it.

VoltDB is the Solution

VoltDB enables real-time, revenue generating personalization based on event triggers. With VoltDB, offers deployed at moments when customers are highly motivated to act have proven to be 1.5 to 2.5 times more successful than traditional systems and, in one use case, personalized real-time offers delivered a 253% increase in acceptance rates.

Read more about our solution as pivotal to real-time, 5G functionality in this recent blog post, 5 Reasons Why the Amdocs Acquisition of Openet is Good News for the 5G Space.

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Whitepaper: Using Data to Monetize 5G for Industry 4.0
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