Dr. Stonebraker’s 5G Case Study

VoltDB is the commercialization of H-Store, a prototype built by Dr. Michael Stonebraker and his colleagues at M.I.T. in the mid-2000’s. The goal of VoltDB/H-Store was to build a database that’s arbitrarily scalable on main memory data, with none of the bottlenecks typically prevalent in other disk-based DBMSs; to build a database that stressed maximum performance in terms of large-scale transactions per second (TPS) at predictably low latency in milliseconds.

Flash forward to today: we’re living in a world of IoT, ML/AI and, in particular, 5G, where database requirements have dramatically changed and the features Dr. Stonebraker and colleagues developed in VoltDB/H-Store are more critical than ever to power these technology evolutions.

In this case study, written by Dr. Stonebraker, you’ll gain a firsthand perspective as to why VoltDB is a linchpin to success in the 5G era. Get insights from the architect behind VoltDB’s technology on topics, such as:

  • New database requirements brought on from 5G
  • 3 key architectural designs of VoltDB built for the 5G revolution
  • Examples and use cases of VoltDB for powering 5G applications
  • And more
Stonebraker VoltDB 5G Revolution Case Study
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