Is Your Tech Stack Ready for 5G?

BSS developers, CSPs, Systems Integrators and other telco businesses know that 5G isn’t just a marketing term. Considerable changes will be needed across the ecosystem. Applications must perform precise, real-time decisions, made within new 5G latency standards, to directly influence in-the-moment monetization, prevent fraud, and power digital transformation initiatives.

The 5G Inflection Point

We are at an “Inflection Point” in technology when latency expectations cannot be met with legacy systems and techniques. Most times without outwardly realizing it, end users expect no-latency experiences. Business depends on blink-of-the-eye analytics to present relevant experiences. Old, 4G technology just doesn’t cut it.

VoltDB is the Solution

BSS teams are at the mission critical center of digital transformation and VoltDB has a proven track record enabling single-digit milliseconds latency SLAs for real-time account balance management and policy & charging rules management. The platform can easily accommodate the complexity in policy control and charging functions for emerging 5G use cases, including network slicing and charging trigger points.

Read more about our solution as pivotal to real-time, BSS functionality in this recent blog post, 5 Reasons Why the Amdocs Acquisition of Openet is Good News for the 5G Space.

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Is your tech stack ready for 5G BSS and other emerging real-time use cases? Download our eBook, The Hidden Inflection Point in 5G: When the Changing Definition of Real-Time Breaks Your Existing Tech Stack to learn exactly when and why that inflection point occurs, as well as 5 pointers you can use to evaluate how to upgrade.

This eBook is especially useful for:

  • Software vendors building digital BSS applications
  • CSPs ensuring they are ready for 5G monetization
  • Systems Integrators recommending and building 5G applications for customers
  • Beyond that point in your planning?

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