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Ovum Whitepaper: Real-Time Analytics for Real-Time Decisions

Drive Improved Operations and Revenues with Real-time Analytics and Actions

Ovum Whitepaper Real-Time AnalyticsThe telecommunications industry faces multiple challenges: declining revenues, growing traffic, and increased competition from peers and over the top (OTT) service providers. Operators must move quickly to deliver and monetize new services while also transforming existing operations and network infrastructure. The key to success is harnessing and monetizing insights generated from subscribers’ live real-time data streams.

Ovum Senior Analyst Adaora Okeleke researched the issue of how telcos can compete against OTT providers and win. The result is a white paper, Utilizing real-time analytics to drive real-time decisions for operators.

Read the whitepaper today to discover:

  • How the power of real-time analytics and instant actions can help your enterprise to ingest, analyze and act on live streams of data
  • How use real-time data to drive immediate, actionable, and effective business outcomes.

Download the Whitepaper

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