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DeltaDNA Selects VoltDB to Enable Real-Time Personalization


Delivering Real-Time Player Engagement for Game Developers and Publishers


DeltaDNA relies on the VoltDB data platform to power its real-time game analytics and marketing platform. In-memory analytics on high-velocity data enable deltaDNA customers to instantly track, anticipate, and respond to individual player behavior. Leveraging VoltDB, deltaDNA empowers game developers and publishers to perform in-depth player analysis on colossal amounts of data streaming in from each game and take action within a quarter of a millisecond. Real-time player engagement enhances the in-game player experience and drives player retention and monetization. This innovative solution can help customers increase player retention by as much as 200% and revenues by as much as 40% by providing micro-personalization of each player’s experience.

The Challenge

The Challenge

DeltaDNA has combined gaming industry heritage and marketing analytics expertise to create the online gaming industry’s first dedicated real-time personalization and player insight platform. With cross-platform and rich data capabilities, this end-to-end solution enables game publishers and developers to better understand different player behaviors and create personalized experiences by targeting individual players in real-time. Being responsive to players significantly increases engagement and unlocks retention and monetization opportunities. deltaDNA puts the power of data into the hands of game developers and publishers by providing a flexible platform to maximize player engagement for Free-2-Play (F2P) games, social casino games and real-money online gambling sites.

This high-performance platform analyzes the immense volumes of fast-moving data generated by each game in real-time, gathering behavioral information about each player, such as their spending behavior and skill level. With this insight, deltaDNA’s customers are able to personalize the gaming experience by changing the gameplay and making targeted offers and incentives. This can increase player engagement by as much as 50% and boost in-game purchases by as much as 30%.

“VoltDB is enabling us to solve a needle-in-the-haystack problem for our customers,” said Chris Wright, Co-founder and CTO of deltaDNA. “The high-performance VoltDB data platform gives us the ability to perform real-time analysis on hundreds of millions of events as they occur. In a quarter of a millisecond, we’re able to turn data into actionable intelligence that fosters player loyalty, extends a game’s value and increases overall game revenues.”

The Solution

The Solution

In 2012, Openet selected VoltDB as the logical choice for a data platform capable of supporting the real-time demands of mobile data.

“We wanted to move toward a higher-performance, in-memory database that could combine the capabilities of an operational database, real-time analytics, and stream processing in one easy-to-use platform,” said Openet Director of Product Development, Oisin Loftus. “We also needed a database that was elastically scalable and could grow and contract as needed.”

With VoltDB, Openet can now offer transactional, database-oriented applications against data feeds that were previously limited to stream processing methods.

Since Openet solutions are always inline in a service provider’s call path, Openet required transaction latencies of less than 20 milliseconds, so performance and scalability were major requirements.

“VoltDB offers the TCO, performance, and scalability we need while enabling us to handle fast data and the real-time feeds of service provider traffic,” Loftus said.

The Results

The Results

By integrating VoltDB’s in-memory database infrastructure to support its wide range of business support systems, Openet has been able to scale and automate real-time decisions.

VoltDB has allowed Openet to maximize performance, elasticity, and utilization of its application framework model.

“VoltDB has been very responsive to our needs and continues to work closely with our engineers to help us meet our goals,” said Loftus. “At Openet, we have high expectations, and we’ve driven VoltDB into domains that are new to them and the VoltDB development team has responded well. The product is very good and continues to evolve, and the VoltDB team continues to work closely with us to address the real-time database demands of major service providers.”

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