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Report: Industrial 5G SLAs

April 05, 2021

Enterprise IoT Insights’ Industrial 5G SLAs report explores how operators and managed service providers will guarantee URLLC 5G for critical enterprise operations. Our own CPO Dheeraj Remella shares how VoltDB is delivering real-time intelligence to extract value in the first 10 milliseconds of any event at scale, without compromising on accuracy or reliability.

STL Partners Report: Monetizing 5G

March 31, 2021

How IT/OT Convergence Will Enable New 5G Business Models Real-time decisioning intelligence is critical to telco operators’ future, as much for enabling internal efficiencies as for empowering customers to capitalize on new, 5G-related monetization opportunities. But the evolving customer requirements, particularly in light of IoT and massive machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, means that telcos are increasingly […]

TM Forum Report: Enterprise 5G

December 31, 2020

The Role of the Telco Author: Mark Newman Chief Analyst TM Forum The $40 billion-plus 5G market is expected to grow almost 40% annually through 2027, and telcos are primed to be at the forefront of this growth. However, 5G isn’t exactly an easy technology to control or manage as it involves an unprecedented level […]

Telecoms.com Annual Industry Survey 2020

October 01, 2020

2020 was as challenging for telcos and communications services providers (CSPs) as it was for most other industries, but it wasn’t necessarily all doom and gloom. In fact, a large percentage of CSPs and their various interconnecting parts—including operators, vendors, and systems integrators—are very optimistic about 2021, and some even reported positive outcomes from 2020. […]

VanillaPlus TechTrends

September 01, 2020

Is Your Intelligence on the Edge? Edge computing is critical for digital transformation. 5G, edge computing, digital transformation, digital twins, machine learning, and AI appearing together looks like buzzword bingo. But there is a rational connection between these topics and technologies. In this trend report we look at: How data lakes and streams give life […]

REPORT: Getting to Standalone 5G

RCR Wireless Report: Getting to Standalone 5G

June 30, 2020

Real-Time Applications and New Service Revenue Opportunities Author: Sean Kinney Editor in Chief RCR Wireless “Data is not a database problem anymore. Data is a data problem. What is the value you’re missing with your existing choices that you can get if you think differently?” Download the feature report where T-Mobile, Ericsson, Rakuten Mobile, Vodafone, […]

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