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Why VoltDB is the Best Data Platform for Telco Mediation

July 14, 2021

5G and IoT present an unprecedented opportunity for companies to up-level their billing mediation systems with dynamic, consumption-based pricing that attracts and retains more customers by giving them flexible payment options. Real-time billing mediation is the new standard, but to achieve true real-time mediation you need a data platform that can handle rapid streams of […]

Why VoltDB is the Best Data Platform for BSS

April 01, 2021

Telcos need to adapt to 5G, but their legacy systems are buckling under the demand for network agility, new revenue streams, and better customer experience. Read our latest BSS solution brief to learn how VoltDB’s no-compromise data platform overcomes the toughest real-time data challenges to support BSS applications in the world of 5G.

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