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Corporate Overview

VoltDB: Powering Telco in the Age of 5G

April 06, 2021

Because Milliseconds Matter VoltDB is a high-velocity decisioning engine, proven to power real-time applications that must react in single-digit milliseconds to drive revenue or prevent revenue loss. This core competency is absolutely necessary in the telecommunications industry. Where the introduction of 5G, combined with the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), is driving […]


DeltaDNA Selects VoltDB to Enable Real-Time Personalization

April 05, 2020
DELTADNA SELECTS VOLTDB TO ENABLE REAL-TIME PERSONALIZATION Delivering Real-Time Player Engagement for Game Developers and Publishers PRINT-FRIENDLY PDF VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE. DeltaDNA relies on the VoltDB data platform to power its real-time game analytics and marketing platform. In-memory analytics on high-velocity data enable deltaDNA customers to instantly track, anticipate, and respond to individual player behavior. [...]
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