Why VoltDB

Real-Time Decisioning for a 5G World

VoltDB enables telco-space enterprises and the various types of companies that serve them to drive more revenue and prevent revenue loss via applications that use real-time decisioning. 

Designed with the new and highly demanding 5G latency standards in mind, our data platform can directly influence in-the-moment monetization, prevent fraud, and power digital transformation initiatives.

Monitor and analyze streaming data in real time, capture anomalies as they occur, predict outcomes, make a decision, and take action, all in less than 10 milliseconds and without compromising on data accuracy.

Unlock More Value from Your Existing Investments

VoltDB is designed to augment your previous big data investments, such as NoSQL, Hadoop and traditional databases or data warehouses, as well as messaging investments such as Kafka.

Smart Stream Processing Database with ACID

Stop Compromising

Global businesses are already taking advantage of VoltDB’s advanced capabilities to roll out new revenue generating applications, transform their business and operational support systems, or develop strategic integrations for their enterprise customers. Learn more about our customers.

Let VoltDB maximize the real-time business opportunities you can gain from a 5G-connected world.

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